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Who the hell is Heff? What the hell was that? I did the same thing with two Catholic priests, but I tossed in a small boy! She made her stand-up debut in Dunham's Identity Crisis Tour Yeah, and when it idles, it goes "Homohomohomohomohomo. Much to his father's consternation, he expresses an attraction to Dunham's male stage hand, Marnell, who constantly came on stage because Achmed kept losing balance on the stand and eventually Marnell brought duct tape.

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I am not kidding.

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Jeff Dunham

This little idiot dog found a stick about as long as she was; she stuck it her mouth to run with it, but it was sticking straight out the front. Well, they said it makes me look hip. Yeah, I can look, but I can't touch. It's in my other stick. Walter told me to tell that joke. Oh yeah but she gave me something I had to take medicine to get rid of.

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Are you legal to be in this country? Dunham continued to tighten his act in Los Angeles clubs, performing the same six-minute segment with Peanut a total of nine times for McCawley over the next few months. Walter says I'm just a stinking Halloween decoration! Wikimedia Commons has media related to Jeff Dunham. Why do you like the Hulk? I am not kidding!

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