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He wanted to watch the blonde lose control. In time, he was found by Scar, who not-entirely-willingly took Yoki on as his sidekick. Now it was time to kick it up a notch. He covered his arousal, ashamed of it. My point is, you are a part of this office family and I want to know why you're rebelling like this," Havoc said as he hazarded a look at the door. An inmate of Central Prison in The Sacred Star of Miloswho broke himself out of jail with only two months left before his parole, with a torn newspaper picture of Julia Crichton serving as a hint to his motivations.

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Roy tried once more to break free from the wall but failed miserably.

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I noticed I had a lot of fics the other day, but none starting with the letter 'G' so I made this. Mysterious guardian of the Gates, claims to be "Reality", "the World", and " God ". Mustang lowered his head and sank his teeth into the arch of Edward's neck, causing the blonde to moan. He wanted payback and he wanted to give Ed the same torture the boy had given him. With Ed and Al or just Ed in the case of Darius and Heinkelwho beat them in combat on the first try.

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Edward threw back his head, the nails on his human hand dug into Roy's shoulder. Edward thought that If there was anything more magical then alchemy, it was sex. Zampano and Jerso join up with Marcoh and Scar, while Darius and Heinkel save Edward after he was nearly killed by Kimblee, then join him and Greed later on. And so far, I don't remember ever saying I surrender, do you? All it took was some skilled tongue action and erotic touches on the thighs. Ed took the chair and sat in it backwards, leaning his weight forward while waiting for Havoc to say whatever it was he had to say.

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