Transsexual male

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Shanna Brogan 8 months ago I"m not into trans gender people, but I could go for Jaimie! Frequently Asked Questions What is intersex? Am I Gay or Straight or What? Undertaking transition without professional medical guidance can have severe health risks. The irony is that women will always secretly support their own, even after transition into a fake man. Each people have the right to react like they want.

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Throughout history, many people have felt they were transgender.

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Transgender Man Shares Incredible Before & After Progress Photos

That depends on your family. Riley, 22 I thought I was a lesbian, because I was primarily attracted to women. To be fair if you had a son or daughter for 18 years it would be quite an emotional adjustment to deal with the loss of one and the appearance of another, don't you think? What Resources Exist for Transgender Youth? They don't know how lucky they are. Donate now Support youth activists working for reproductive and sexual health and rights. Are there medical risks associated with intersex conditions?

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Regardless of who attracts you, rest assured that many transgender people have happy, healthy relationships with people whom they love. Marlowe Fitzpatrik 1 year ago Neither will I. Various methods for neovaginoplasty have been described and can be classified into five categories, i. I'm not religious, but if there were an afterlife, I sure as heck wish those parents to stand before their godlike entity and be demoted to scrubbing the underside of their god's shoes! Mark, 18 The first person I told was my girlfriend at the time; I told her before we got serious. I also told two close friends, my sister, and then my parents. People had all sorts of reactions to my coming out.

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