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Your son you killed won't magically come back to life! If [super-heroes] are religious it's a sort Judaeo-Christian wishy washy sort of religion Expecially beause most all born-again Protestants I know hate Catholics almost as much as they hate Muslims. It depends when Parker's family moved. Talk to the hand That photo of Snipes fighting that guy is hilarious!

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Spider-man is the ultimate Catholic.

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Spider-Man a gay superhero? If it’s right for the story, then why not?

You don't get to use that sort of stuff if you make your character Babtist or Lutheran. Critics have long found Christian themes in Peter Parker's struggle to determine what's right. Holy Warrior Nuns, Batman! Oh, and Mary was a Jewish name dating back to well, the one that gave birth to Jesus and earlier. DouggSeven Stop calling Andrew Garfield sexy.

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Spiderman would not make a good Muslim, but that has nothing to do with being gay. Captain America, like Spider-Man, nondenominationally identified Protestant It is probably not the intent of this scene to suggest that God is speaking directly to Peter Parker, but clearly Parker is thinking about God and pondering why God would allow terrible things to happen to him. Although very much in love with Mary Jane, Parker wondered what it would be like to be romantically involved with the Black Cat. Less haste at you used freely shed at natchez before emergence of redbook as necessary supplies. Characters in the comic books from major publishers such as Marvel and DC have traditionally exhibited an unrealistic lack of religious affiliation and religious identity.

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