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We face problems, even death threats in some cases," Thierry said. We are all unique in our own ways. After the trek, we spend a day in the charming city of Barnaul, the cultural capital of Siberia, and then head to Moscow for two days of fun. Horses will carry all our luggage and camping equipment; we carry only a day pack with our camera, clothes needed for the day, water, and lunch. To avoid the same treatment, she has told only a few people that she is attracted to girls. Thus, due to specific Russian mentality, sexual orientation turns on after 18, and until 18, they are just kids.

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Repeatedly, they explained that their primary struggle is not coming to terms with being different as such, but rather finding accurate information about gender and sexuality in a hostile environment.

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Georgy, the year-old transgender boy, described the reactions he gets when people overhear his classmates using male pronouns to refer to him:. Many of the students Human Rights Watch interviewed said they avoided disclosing their sexual orientation or gender identity if possible. Then I got used to it. B, L Day I was getting worse and worse. The doctors in the hospital said it was due to constant emotional exhaustion, I was tossed from one extreme to another. This 69 mile trek in 8 days is rated as difficult because the walking is demanding and requires a reasonable degree of fitness.

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The ability to access relevant information can have a significant positive impact on equality. The mother of another gay friend took him to a psychologist several times. Prisoner Of His Past: We are looking for support networks beyond internet-based ones for this girl, because for her coming out to parents and friends does not seem to be an option. This psychologist noted that even in clinical settings, LGBT youth are terrified that their sexual orientation will be exposed, resulting in ill-treatment. But she was Olya, so it should stay Olya.

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