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The bizarre nature of this coding is evident not only in kid products like Kinder Joy where there are separate surprise toys for boys — packaged in blue; and girls — packaged in green but also with products like toothpaste labelled for men and for women. Her viewpoint rings true — the celebrity aura may bring more acceptance, complete with constant media presence. NatGeo also gives a sneak peek into the issue through one of the many articles which will be published in the magazine. The newsstand copy, available Dec. As it is customary with many subscription magazines, there are two covers of the special issue. The issue shares stories of transgender and gender-expansive youth, as well as the impact their families, friends and communities have had on their transition.

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National Geographic television will air a two-hour documentary Feb.

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Seven-year-old transgender on National Geographic magazine’s cover creates history

Contact Classifieds Ads About. Don't miss a post Sign up for RSS feeds. But the idea of transgenderism or gender fluidity is itself a fallacy void not only of Scripture but also of science, Christian commentators told Baptist Press. In September, HRC partnered with the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians to release Supporting and Caring for Transgender Childrena guide explaining what experts know about supporting our youngest transgender and gender-expansive kids, especially those in elementary school. One Million Moms 1MMan advocacy group aimed at protecting children from exploitation, has started a petition against the National Geographic issue. Click here to join. National Geographic visited 80 homes on more than four continents to collect these vital stories.

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In India, railway forms started accepting the third gender. Goldberg emphasises that while throughout the year there was a lot of emphasis on celebrities, she wanted this issue to focus on the lives of the common man. Have a news tip? A famous model became Gauri Arora from Gaurav Arora and was embraced with a lot of love. The quote is flanked by a confident Avery Jackson, a 7-year-old transgender girl.

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