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Sailors, on the other hand, were deterred from such practices. Activists agree that the need to rally around merely being gay, to march in the street, is less urgent. At a meeting last week, the new board decided to forge on — tentatively. Bromwell went public in March during a gay-themed radio call-in show, substantially stoking the controversy's fires. Although Bromwell is running the venture for profit, he says he doesn't stand to make, or lose, a lot of money. He admits now that the agency, Jumpstart Casting, has paid him to do other work — helping to run parties in Chicago and connecting the agency with Tampa Bay acts — but that conflict of interest was not widely known.

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Johnson characterizes the cruise as a "four-day floating bathhouse.

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The Rise and Fall of Tampa Bay Pride

Johnson also specialized in lining up and coordinating liquor sponsorships at gay-themed circuit parties along the East Coast. It's likely to hang over him, his new committee and PrideFest '03 for weeks to come. Deviously or not, they hijacked decision-making power from board supervision. While not banking a lot of dough, they figured they would be doing what they loved and building on a dream. Its leaders were ambitious but undisciplined; and they had questionable taste. It was actually more than half empty. Sailors, on the other hand, were deterred from such practices.

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Two smaller operators, Premier Cruises and Commodore Cruise Line, collapsed as pressure grew on margins. They coined it DivaFest. The new team understands we need to get back to the way we used to do it. Through pressure from talk radio and the gay community, Bentz says he has agreed to an independent audit of Greater Tampa Bay Pride's books. It soon became a known practice among pirate outcasts, outside of the law, who supposedly used " bugger " as a term of endearment during the 18th century.

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