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Priscian goes yonder with that wretched crowd, And Francis of Accorso; and thou hadst seen there If thou hadst had a hankering for such scurf, That one, who by the Servant of the Servants From Arno was transferred to Bacchiglione, Where he has left his sin—excited nerves. In this day and age where paparazzi-type stalkers are omnipresent and our compact mobile devices offer instantaneous connections to the world wide web where information are readily exchanged between one corner of the world and another, any average folk could find out which celebs are dating who and certainly about the ex-fiance of the WHO's director or who she was with prior to her post. Whether the relationship ends up working is another matter. If it was him, he would want to stay with her considering he was all about over population. Bertrand would'nt have left her for being sterile. Brown as I thought till the end. Jul 10,

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If there should be a personal impetus for Zobrist to create a pernicious viral vector of infertility, it should be based on the immense disappointment caused by the barrenness of his lover we assume in this thought experiment that Sinskey was indeed his jilted lover.

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We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. There would be no offspring between the two so it would have been a match for him. These are alternate ways to insinuate a love affair. I enjoyed parts of the book and rated it three stars. We must take the measure of what it means that Dante in the Commedia diverges from common usage by not imagining sexualized tortures at all. Aug 11,

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Lust is by definition for Dante a sin of incontinence, meaning that the impulse that leads to lussuria is not sinful when it is controlled and moderated. I know its crazy talk but just wanna know if someone though the same line too. But that ungrateful and malignant people, Which of old time from Fesole descended, And smacks still of the mountain and the granite. It was Sienna who was involved in Zobrist's Romance! Here too we feel here the texture of lived experience: Dante goes out of his way to explicitly save homosexuals in his afterworld, as he goes out of his way to explicitly save pagans. Now one of the hard borders bears us forward; the river mist forms shadows overhead and shields the shores and water from the fire.

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