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And we'd all shower together. While I am not gay, nor male, some answers made me think of this: I can admire their physique, usually critically eg, "that guy needs to send less time on his shoulders and more on his legsand maybe even think briefly about them blowing me if they have a nice face, but rarely enough to feel any turgidity. So what might otherwise have been an arousing environment, if only I had been a little more bold and brazen, was usually more a nerve-wracking one to the point that I came to hate sports and gym at school, because it meant having to run the psychological gauntlet of the showers and changing rooms. If he's straight, he won't be interested in my interest.

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Gay men know exactly what it is like being in a male locker room.

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Hell, if you've got even a modicum of sense, acting on your attractions unless you've confirmed there is a non-zero chance that they will be reciprocated that is, the other guy is gay or bi and there's some chance he's up for it is a very good way to bring physical abuse and social opprobrium upon oneself. Yes, I may chance a glance or seven. When I came out he was rock hard but a little one so I said hello and have a nice night. Do straight men really think we gay men are going to check them out in a locker room setting? Or I'm just wondering what traffic will be like once I'm outta there and whether I have time to swing by Starbucks on the way home. The truth is, of course gay men get aroused in locker rooms the way a straight men would in a women's locker room. And it's not as if straight men never check each other out in the locker rooms, is it?

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Why do older boys use the family locker room? Maybe best looking are simply used to getting it off rather than jacking it off. That other guy's really hairy. Quora UserOne of The Gays. Have you ever been touched in a gym locker room? When I was in my teens at school, and totally gay inside which I had been since the age of 7 or sobut also totally closeted which I was until the age of 25, in factI naturally had the hots for several guys in my class and year and especially some of the senior guys as well, of course.

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