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Homosexuality as both orientation and identity is a fairly modern thing. The human skull that challenges the Out of Africa theory. Stafford Carson posted a helpful article by Robert Gagnon over at his blog addressing the issue; http: I've heard that one bandied about way back in the 80's. The deep, emotional relationship that bonded David and Jonathan is related in the books of Samuel. The fact that you or Theophane do not agree with Andrew's interpretation, he is not alone, can you deny him the right to hold those beliefs and to have the same credence put upon them.

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Rowe points out that this language of love is the same language used of rulers who are in alliance with other rulers—there is a political dimension to this that we easily miss.

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David loved Jonathan more than women

This article sheds some light on how the Western culture changed in its phallic preferences. That there is little in Scripture to offer guidance about that question the focus being primarily on the condemnation of same sex sexual acts: SiLee 20 - Is there still not a question mark in some historical critical circles in relation to David's existence? Leave this field blank. In the biblical text, the arguments are the same. Their relationship defied social norms and carried political ramifications — but not in a homosexual manner.

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In fact, as Rowe highlights, David and Jonathan have been portrayed in the narrative in very similar terms: Hence, all Jonathan is doing by giving David his right to the throne through offering him his robe and armor is acknowledging that Yahweh has made David the rightful king. That there is more than mere homosociality in the dealings of David and Jonathan is asserted by two recent studies: Yet, as William has already noted, when it comes to the issue of David and Jonathan there is practically no debate on the issue except from those grinding pink axes. Since it seems we can just make stuff up now, I was born to disapprove of homosexuality. Perhaps they had some idea this was the end.

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